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Keri L. Ruf, MA, HIS

Keri L. Ruf, MA, HIS

Regional Manager

Keri L. Ruf MA, HIS, completed her master’s degree from New York University and was the previous owner of Loud and Clear Hearing Center. Keri’s passion for over 15 years has been to improve the quality of life for persons with hearing and speech impairments. She entered the hearing field after helping cancer patients learn how to talk after losing their voice boxes to cancer. After learning that certain chemo and radiation treatments can cause hearing loss, Keri wanted to provide full service and education to her patients. She has fit hundreds of hearing aids over the past 15 years and understands the concerns of patients and there families with hearing loss. Keri is able to provide the most innovative hearing solutions and new bluetooth hearing accessories, as well as educate the family and patient to include listening strategies that help in all environments. Keri continues to be actively involved in the community by offering her services to local senior living facilities and providing informal seminars at a number of senior clubs and/or social events. Customer care and satisfaction are a priority for Keri.

Tanya Stathopoulos, Au.D

Tanya Stathopoulos, Au.D

Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Tanya Stathopoulos, Au.D, received her Bachelor of Science degree in biology from St. John’s University and achieved her Doctorate in Audiology from Nova Southeastern University. Her goal is to improve each patient’s quality of life with better hearing. Everyone should feel as if they are able to laugh at stories without missing the punch line, hear everything that is being said at their place of worship, and share conversations with loved ones without so much listening effort.

She has been exposed to audiology services and hearing aids throughout her life and has become proficient in working with hearing aids. Her work experiences, in addition to her extensive volunteer experience, has given her the opportunity to work with diverse populations. These experiences have allowed her to develop strong interpersonal skills, as well as build trust and respect with individuals of all ages. She has learned strategies to maximize her listening skills while communicating with others in order to truly understand and relate to the specific concerns, struggles, and perspectives of each individual. Dr. Stathopoulos is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and is certified with the American Board of Audiology in Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A).

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Customer Reviews

The office was really nice and professional and they were very kind and helpful as well as answered any question I may have had!

Anthony Hazarian, on Google

Tanya is a wonderful Audiologist. She is kind, caring and understanding. She is incredibly helpful for people who are devastated by hearing loss. Sharon and Tanya are a great team. Sharon is a beautiful woman inside and out. She made me feel like I mattered and is very professional with...

Fariba Mousa, on Google

Sharon is outstanding. While I waited for service, I watched her patiently work with a customer who was quite unhappy with the record keeping for his mother. He felt privileged to have service now. Sharon kept her cool till the problem got solved. Tanya helped me get my new hearing...

Cathy Baumgarten, on Google

I found working with Tanya an unbelievable experience. She is outstanding!!! I finally have Hearing aids that I can use and that I’m happy with.

Louis Iannone, on Google

I went in to Garden City Hearing Services for the first time today. The young lady at the front desk was the utmost professional I have ever dealt with. She clearly explained the process and made it easy for me to understand. Before she assisted me, I noted she was...

sarah dipippo, on Google

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